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April 5, 2018
Help NAAA Respond to EPA (Re)Registration Review Documents
If you are interested in being on this list, please email Scott Bretthauer with your name, email address, and the crop for which you wish to provide expertise on.


NAAA is constantly monitoring the Federal Register for pesticide (re)registration notifications from the EPA. The Federal Insecticide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) requires the EPA to review the registration of each pesticide every 15 years to ensure that they are still safe to use. Research conducted between the last registration review and the current one is assessed to determine if the product should be registered again, and if so, are there any changes that need to me made to the label, such as uses, personal protective equipment, or drift mitigation strategies. NAAA works to ensure aerial application remains an option on the products that are already labeled for aerial application, and the label requirements remain realistic and not overly burdensome.


Many of the pesticides up for registration review are familiar, and NAAA staff are able to offer comments without a great deal of input from members. On occasion though, a product may be up for review that is unfamiliar. In some cases, a product may be familiar but certain uses, such as on specialty crops, may be unknown to NAAA staff. For instance, a (re)registration review interim decision recently submitted by the EPA recommended that aerial applications be prohibited by the label. The reasoning from the EPA was that there was a human hazard risk associated with mixing many loads of the product, and they had been erroneously told by the manufacturer that the product was never applied via aerial application. Input from members familiar with its usage helped respond to the EPA to let them know that the product was applied by air for certain crops.


In certain situations, such as when a product’s usage by air might be limited to specialized crops or when the pesticide is unfamiliar to staff, input from NAAA members is invaluable. NAAA is putting together a list of members to contact based on crops those people are familiar with making applications to. These individuals will be contacted by email when necessary to determine use patterns for pesticides that are up for registration review. The goal is to create a network of people that can assist NAAA when needed so that any registration documents warranting comments are handled appropriately. If you are interested in being on this list, please email Scott Bretthauer at with your name, email address, and the crop for which you wish to provide expertise on.

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Help NAAA Respond to EPA (Re)Registration Review Documents



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