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April 11, 2019
NAAA Seeks Ag Aviation Footage for Possible Peterson Farm Bros Video

With the 100th anniversary of the aerial application industry coming up in 2021, NAAA has approached Greg Peterson of the Peterson Farm Brothers about using their considerable song parody talents (and social media prowess) to develop an aerial application-themed music video.


Toward the end of his kickoff address at the 2018 Ag Aviation Expo, an audience member asked Peterson when he would make a song video about ag aviation. Peterson responded enthusiastically, noting that it had been on his list of song theme ideas for some time. NAAA recently sent Peterson sample lyrics to a parody based on “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. The song is tentatively titled “Sweet Line O’ Mine,” and NAAA asked Peterson to consider producing an aerial application song parody in time for or ahead of the industry’s 100th anniversary in 2021.


Peterson pledged to try to have something done by 2021. The exact song and lyrics remain to be determined, but Peterson said he may incorporate some of NAAA’s ideas into the lyrics. Sponsorship money could help fund the making of the video, and NAAA will be developing a sponsorship proposal for NAAREF to consider. The Peterson Farm Bros’ ag-themed videos are an entertaining and educational form of outreach to the masses. Since 2012 when they posted their first song to YouTube, “I’m Farming and I Grow It”—a “Weird Al” Yankovic style parody video set to tune of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”—the Peterson Farm Bros have garnered more than 50 million views for their agriculturally themed song videos. Their YouTube page has 172,000 subscribers.


However, more than financial support, Peterson mentioned that getting quality video footage from various ag pilots would help get an ag aviation-themed song parody video off the ground. That’s where you can help. The sample lyrics to “Sweet Line O’ Mine” appear below. If you have aerial application video footage that would fit well with the proposed lyrics and would be willing to share them, NAAA invites you to upload your videos to NAAA’s Ag Aviation Video Footage Submissions folder online. You do not need a Dropbox account to upload your video files to the folder, but you will not be able to access them once they have been uploaded to NAAA’s file-sharing folder. The only information you need to provide to complete the upload is your name and email address.


Any media (photos, videos, etc.) uploaded to NAAA’s Ag Aviation Video Footage Submissions folder becomes the property of NAAA. Although the aerial application video footage is intended primarily for possible use in a Peterson Farm Bros video and other aerial application 100th anniversary video projects, the association reserves the right to use (or not use) video footage members provide in other capacities. NAAA does not compensate for video submissions.


Here are the kinds of the aerial application video footage NAAA would like to collect:

  • Video of an ag aircraft going back and forth over a field.
  • Video showcasing precision application technology.
  • Video highlighting Operation S.A.F.E. pattern-testing activities.
  • Video of loaders and pilots in action.
  • Videos of aerial applicators entering and exiting their ag aircraft, particularly after the end of a satisfying day of work.

While they are not etched in stone, we hope the draft lyrics to “Sweet Line O’ Mine” fuel ideas as you consider what kind of aerial application video footage you may be able to share. Contributing to our ag aviation video library will assist in NAAA’s efforts to generate interest and publicity for the aerial application industry’s 100th anniversary in a variety of different ways.



Please contact NAAA’s Jay Calleja at if you have questions or need assistance uploading files to NAAA’s Ag Aviation Video Footage Submissions folder.

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