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July 15, 2015
Watch and Share! NAAA Produces UAV Safety Video
In conjunction with our UAV safety campaign, NAAA has produced a short video titled “Safe UAV Operations Around Low-Flying, Manned Aircraft.” We encourage you to watch and share it with your social and professional networks.

The UAV safety video debuted on NAAA’s Facebook page on July 10. Since then, it has reached nearly 11,000 Facebook users, garnered 222 Likes and been shared more than 60 times. The video has also been played nearly 500 times. Among those sharing it have been the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado CattleWomen Inc., proof the video is reaching its intended audience. Here are some of the comments the video elicited from those who shared it:

If you fly a DRONE, or hire one to work on your land, THIS IS LIFE-AND-DEATH IMPORTANT...The pilots of crop-spraying airplanes can’t see a drone soon enough to avoid it, so please please make sure drones and low-flying aircraft aren’t in the same place at the same time...

If you fly a drone for work or for play, please read this. I didn't even think about this. Very little grain is being grown in our corner of the state, but many people are using the services of crop dusters to spray for weeds like white top and most recently to spray for grasshopper infestations.

This is a great, if confronting clip by our US friends which give some great information about Safely operating UAV’s in Agricultural areas. They are a great tool but need to be used with caution when there are manned aircraft about. Please, if you are intending to use a UAV and you are aware of an ag aircraft working nearby, endeavour to contact the pilot or operator and let them know your intentions. Additionally please be aware that if Fire Agencies observe a UAV in the vicinity of a fire where waterbombing aircraft are working they will shut us down until the UAV has gone. This may place property and lives at extra unnecessary risk.

NAAA’s UAV safety stuffers are another great tool that members can use to educate farmers, crop advisers and other agriculturalists about the safety concerns ag pilots have about UAVs and offer recommendations for safe and responsible UAV operations around manned aircraft. The double-sided safety stuffers are printed on glossy, four-color paper and available in packs of 100.


The UAV stuffers are free to NAAA Operator Members and available to non-members for $25 per 100-pack. To order your UAV safety stuffers contact NAAA at (202) 546-5722(202) 546-5722 or When emailing, please put “NAAA UAV Safety Stuffers” in the subject line, indicate the number of packs desired and provide a mailing address for shipping purposes. (Additional postage fees may apply for large orders.) To learn more about NAAA’s UAV safety efforts, visit

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Watch and Share! NAAA Produces UAV Safety Video
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