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April 30, 2020
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NAAHOF Accepting Nominations for 2021 Induction into Hall of Fame

Induction into the NAA Hall of Fame is the highest honor that can be paid to agricultural aviation achievers.

The National Agricultural Aviation Hall of Fame (NAAHOF) Nomination Board has changed its procedure for evaluating candidates for induction into the NAA Hall of Fame. Under the policy change, the Nominations Board will consider individuals one year before their induction to allow more time to deliberate on NAAHOF nominees’ credentials. NAAHOF has updated its nomination form accordingly and is accepting nominations for people who would be inducted in 2021. Nominations to be considered for induction into NAAHOF in 2021 are by due Sept. 1, 2020. The 2021 NAAHOF Candidate Nomination Form is available here.


The National Agricultural Aviation Hall of Fame is located in the National Agricultural Aviation (NAA) Museum in Jackson, Mississippi. The purpose of the NAA Museum is to educate the general public about the contributions of the agricultural aviation industry. Induction into the NAA Hall of Fame is the highest honor that can be paid to agricultural aviation achievers. The Hall of Fame honors agricultural aviation leaders, pilots, operators, scientists, engineers, inventors and other individuals who have helped promote the agricultural aviation industry with their outstanding contributions.


The National Agricultural Aviation Hall of Fame is not affiliated with NAAA, but new members are inducted at the Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet at NAAA’s convention. Previous inductees include such industry-shaping individuals as Lt. John A. Macready, Dick Reade, Fred Ayres and Leland Snow. A complete list of enshrined members into the NAA Hall of Fame is available on NAAA’s Industry Links webpage.

Eligibility for NAAHOF Enshrinement

  1. All nominations must be documented. All information that has to do with the reasons/accomplishments of the nominee must accompany the written/typed nomination letter. The utmost attention should be paid to all accomplishments of the nominee.
  2. A nominee must have made a significant contribution to the agricultural aviation industry in the United States. Accomplishments must be national in scope.
  3. Any person currently sitting on this Nominations Board is automatically ineligible for consideration for enshrinement to the NAAHOF until such time as they are no longer an active part of the governing process of this institution.
  4. Any person nominated for enshrinement must not have anything in their past which will reflect in a negative manner upon the agricultural aviation industry.

The NAAHOF Nomination Board is chaired by Brian Rau. NAAHOF nominations may be sent directly to the chairman at:

Brian Rau

4142 57th Avenue SE

Medina, ND 58467

For more information, please contact Brian Rau at (701) 486-3414 or

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